Sinhala Dictionary definitions for sin

sin 🔊 /sɪˈn/

sin : සයිනය

sin : පව

sin : පව්

sin : වරද

sin : සයින්

sin : පාප කර්මය

sin : පාපය

sin : පව් කරනවා

sin : අකුසලය

sin : අධර්මය

sin : කරුමය

sin : අකුසල

sin : දුසිරිතෙහි හැසිරෙනවා

sin definition

Adverb., prep., & conj. Old form of Since.


  1. Transgression of the law of God; disobedience of the divine command; any violation of God's will, either in purpose or conduct; moral deficiency in the character; iniquity; as, sins of omission and sins of commission.
  2. An offense, in general; a violation of propriety; a misdemeanor; as, a sin against good manners.
  3. A sin offering; a sacrifice for sin.
  4. An embodiment of sin; a very wicked person.
  5. To depart voluntarily from the path of duty prescribed by God to man; to violate the divine law in any particular, by actual transgression or by the neglect or nonobservance of its injunctions; to violate any known rule of duty; -- often followed by against.
  6. To violate human rights, law, or propriety; to commit an offense; to trespass; to transgress.