Sinhala Dictionary definitions for rig

rig 🔊 /ɹɪˈg/

rig : විශේෂ ඇඳුම් අන්දනවා

rig : පැළඳගන්නවා

rig : පෙරුම් පුරනවා

rig : කුඹය

rig : විදුම් යත

rig definition


  1. A ridge.
  2. The peculiar fitting in shape, number, and arrangement of sails and masts, by which different types of vessels are distinguished; as, schooner rig, ship rig, etc. See Illustration in Appendix.
  3. Dress; Especially., odd or fanciful clothing.
  4. A romp; a wanton; one given to unbecoming conduct.
  5. A sportive or unbecoming trick; a frolic.
  6. A blast of wind.

Transitive verb.

  1. To furnish with apparatus or gear; to fit with tackling.
  2. To dress; to equip; to clothe, especially in an odd or fanciful manner; -- commonly followed by out.
  3. To make free with; hence, to steal; to pilfer.

Intransitive verb. To play the wanton; to act in an unbecoming manner; to play tricks.