Sinhala Dictionary definitions for pun

pun 🔊 /pʌˈn/

pun : ශ්ලේෂාර්ථ දක්වනවා

pun : ශ්ලේෂෝක්තිය

pun : ශ්ලේෂාර්ථය

pun : කොටනවා

pun : ශ්ලිෂ්ට

pun : ශ්ලේෂ

pun : ශ්ලේෂය

pun definition

Transitive verb.

  1. To pound.
  2. To persuade or affect by a pun.

Noun. A play on words which have the same sound but different meanings; an expression in which two different applications of a word present an odd or ludicrous idea; a kind of quibble or equivocation.

Intransitive verb. To make puns, or a pun; to use a word in a double sense, especially when the contrast of ideas is ludicrous; to play upon words; to quibble.