Sinhala Dictionary definitions for nip

nip 🔊 /nɪˈp/

nip : වනසනවා

nip : ඩිංග

nip : කෙනිත්තීම

nip : අධික ශීතල

nip : කොනහනවා

nip : කරටිය කඩා දැමීම

nip : කුඩා මත්පැන් වීදුරුව

nip : වැම නතර කරනවා

nip : තදින් මිරිකීම

nip : වැම නවත්වනවා

nip : කොනිත්තනවා

nip : හනු කෝණය

nip definition


  1. A sip or small draught; Especially., a draught of intoxicating liquor; a dram.
  2. A seizing or closing in upon; a pinching; as, in the northern seas, the nip of masses of ice.
  3. A pinch with the nails or teeth.
  4. A small cut, or a cutting off the end.
  5. A blast; a killing of the ends of plants by frost.
  6. A biting sarcasm; a taunt.
  7. A short turn in a rope.

Transitive verb.

  1. To catch and inclose or compress tightly between two surfaces, or points which are brought together or closed; to pinch; to close in upon.
  2. To remove by pinching, biting, or cutting with two meeting edges of anything; to clip.
  3. Hence: To blast, as by frost; to check the growth or vigor of; to destroy.
  4. To vex or pain, as by nipping; hence, to taunt.