Sinhala Dictionary definitions for lug

lug 🔊 /lʌˈg/

lug : දිවත

lug : තුඩුව

lug : කන

lug : අමාරුවෙන් ඇදගෙන යනවා

lug definition


  1. The ear, or its lobe.
  2. That which projects like an ear, Especially. that by which anything is supported, carried, or grasped, or to which a support is fastened; an ear; as, the lugs of a kettle; the lugs of a founder's flask; the lug (handle) of a jug.
  3. A projecting piece to which anything, as a rod, is attached, or against which anything, as a wedge or key, bears, or through which a bolt passes, etc.
  4. The leather loop or ear by which a shaft is held up.
  5. The lugworm.
  6. The act of lugging; as, a hard lug; that which is lugged; as, the pack is a heavy lug.
  7. Anything which moves slowly.
  8. A rod or pole.
  9. A measure of length, being 16/ feet; a rod, pole, or perch.

Intransitive verb.

  1. To pull with force; to haul; to drag along; to carry with difficulty, as something heavy or cumbersome.
  2. To move slowly and heavily.