Sinhala Dictionary definitions for kit

kit 🔊 /kɪˈt/

kit : බළල් පැටියා

kit : මෙවලම් මල්ල

kit : කට්ටලය

kit : මෙවලම්

kit : ඇඳුම් පැළඳුම් ආදිය

kit : මාර්ගෝපකරණය

kit definition

Transitive verb. To cut.


  1. A kitten.
  2. A small violin.


  1. A large bottle.
  2. A wooden tub or pail, smaller at the top than at the bottom; as, a kit of butter, or of mackerel.
  3. straw or rush basket for fish; also, any kind of basket.
  4. A box for working implements; hence, a working outfit, as of a workman, a soldier, and the like.
  5. A group of separate parts, things, or individuals; -- used with whole, and generally contemptuously; as, the whole kit of them.