Sinhala Dictionary definitions for god

god 🔊 /gɑˈd/

god : ඊශ්වර

god : දෙවියා

god : අමර

god : දෙවියන්වහන්සේ

god : දේවතාවා

god : දෙයියා

god definition

Adjective. & Noun. Good.


  1. A being conceived of as possessing supernatural power, and to be propitiated by sacrifice, worship, etc.; a divinity; a deity; an object of worship; an idol.
  2. The Supreme Being; the eternal and infinite Spirit, the Creator, and the Sovereign of the universe; Jehovah.
  3. A person or thing deified and honored as the chief good; an object of supreme regard.
  4. Figuratively applied to one who wields great or despotic power.

Transitive verb. To treat as a god; to idolize.