Sinhala Dictionary definitions for cot

cot 🔊 /kɑˈt/

cot : පටු ඇඳ

cot : තොටිල්ල

cot : කොට්

cot : ඛංණ්ඩාංකය

cot : කෝටැංජනය

cot : කුඩා ඇඳ

cot : කුටිය

cot : පැල

cot definition


  1. A small house; a cottage or hut.
  2. A pen, coop, or like shelter for small domestic animals, as for sheep or pigeons; a cote.
  3. A cover or sheath; as, a roller cot (the clothing of a drawing roller in a spinning frame); a cot for a sore finger.
  4. A small, rudely-formed boat.
  5. A sleeping place of limited size; a little bed; a cradle; a piece of canvas extended by a frame, used as a bed.