Sinhala Dictionary definitions for buy

buy 🔊 /bajˈ/

buy : අමාරුවෙන් ලබාගන්නවා

buy : මිලට ගන්නවා

buy : අත්ලස් දී ගන්නවා

buy : මිලට ගැනීම

buy definition

Transitive verb.

  1. To acquire the ownership of (property) by giving an accepted price or consideration therefor, or by agreeing to do so; to acquire by the payment of a price or value; to purchase; -- opposed to sell.
  2. To acquire or procure by something given or done in exchange, literally or figuratively; to get, at a cost or sacrifice; to buy pleasure with pain.

Intransitive verb. To negotiate or treat about a purchase.