Sinhala Dictionary definitions for bet

bet 🔊 /bɛˈt/

bet : ඔට්ටු අල්ලනවා

bet : ඔට්ටම

bet : පරදුව

bet : ඔට්ටුව

bet : තරක් වෙනවා

bet definition

Imperative. & Past Participle. of Beat.

Noun. That which is laid, staked, or pledged, as between two parties, upon the event of a contest or any contingent issue; the act of giving such a pledge; a wager.

Imperative. & Past Participle. of Bet

Transitive verb. To stake or pledge upon the event of a contingent issue; to wager.

Adjective. & Adverb. An early form of Better.