Sinhala Dictionary definitions for beg

beg 🔊 /bɛˈg/

beg : හිඟමනට පත් කරනවා

beg : අත දික්කරනවා

beg : හිඟනවා

beg : අයදිනවා

beg : යටහත්ව ඉල්ලනවා

beg : ඉල්ලනවා

beg : හිඟමනක් ඉල්ලනවා

beg : සිඟනවා

beg : හිඟාකනවා

beg : යාච්ඤා කරනවා

beg : අත පානවා

beg : සනෑකමින් ඉල්ලනවා

beg definition

Noun. A title of honor in Turkey and in some other parts of the East; a bey.

Transitive verb.

  1. To ask earnestly for; to entreat or supplicate for; to beseech.
  2. To ask for as a charity, Especially. to ask for habitually or from house to house.
  3. To make petition to; to entreat; as, to beg a person to grant a favor.
  4. To take for granted; to assume without proof.
  5. To ask to be appointed guardian for, or to ask to have a guardian appointed for.

Intransitive verb. To ask alms or charity, especially to ask habitually by the wayside or from house to house; to live by asking alms.